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Copper Throne

Part Three of the Mapmaking Magicians Series

Avelynne, Eleksander, Hale, and Sabina are on their way back to Cavarra. They’re bringing home extraordinary experiences, found friends, new information, and bushels of grief and guilt. Not to mention their mysterious golden magic. However, foremost in their minds are the king’s lethal lies and secrets, which will have to be faced now as everything comes to a head.


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Golden Sea

Part Two of the Mapmaking Magicians Series

Our four mapmaking magicians are back at the Hall of Explorers. As they continue their studies, their journey to find new lands is brought forward following a calamitous event.

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Silver Beasts

Part One of the Mapmaking Magicians Series

A dying world.
An academy to train seafaring heroes.
Four eighteen-year-olds trying to survive it all.

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Whispering Wildwood

Korinne Woodsorrow is trapped. Not only at her parents lumbermill but also in a village where she’s shunned. Worse than that, she’s stuck sacrificing the life she wants for the person she loves.

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Tinderbox Under Winter Stars

Part Two in the Tinderbox Tales

When being captured is a likely outcome, which cage is worse – the one in your mind or the one behind a locked door?

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Making a Tinderbox

Part One in the Tinderbox Tales

All the societal rules are different. The fear of unrequited love is the same. Will these two women find both love and freedom?

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